You may be just getting to know us, but what’s really important is that you meet Maggie, also known online as Maggie Like a Fox, because, duh, she totally looks like a fox.

Where Crux exists to get to the heart of brands and how they connect with their customers, at the heart of Crux is Maggie. She’s our friendly, feisty, foxy daily reminder that life requires balance. Sure, we need to work hard and have great ideas. Sure we need to grind on the regular, if we’re going to realize our dreams, and if we’re going to deliver value to our clients. But we also need to run in circles as fast as we can from time to time. And sometimes¬†we need naps.

We believe in balance. We believe in conceiving of brand programs that hit all the switches, whatever they are. Revenue. Awareness. Audience. Brand health. Positioning. We believe in doing the work that delivers results. You can count on it. But at the end of the day — and let’s face it, it’s often a very long day — we believe in eating well, making each other laugh, learning new things, meeting new people, and never saying no to ice cream. And we’re 100% certain that, if Maggie could speak English, she would say she believes in all of that, too.