Restore the Love

The Challenge

Living Proof’s competitors could exponentially outspend them, but the story they had to tell was fresh and exciting.

An added challenge was that Restore, while able to deliver astounding results, requires users to try the product for 14 days.

The Solution

In just a few weeks, we created a cost-effective, rewards-driven user-generated campaign and contest, with consistent messaging and expert use of social channels. We were able to build overall brand awareness while simultaneously recruiting and cultivating an army of brand fanatics.

The Results

The response was huge. In the first couple of weeks of the program, Living Proof’s Facebook engagement grew from 13 likes per day and 14 people talking about the brand to 2,433 likes per day and 2,522 people talking about the brand. We were also able to grow Facebook fans from under 15K to over 101K.

Campaign Fans (K)

28-Day Engaged Users (K)


Fans Talking About Us

Reach (M)

Skills Used

Brand Strategy

Original Creative Concepts

Community Growth & Engagement

Social Media Management

Facebook Ad Strategy

Facebook App Development

Microsite Development

Digital Design

Copy Writing

User-Generated Content

Sweepstakes Execution