Pepsi Refresh Project

The Challenge

Continue to market Pepsi in the face of a changing regulatory and public perception landscape regarding health and corporate accountability.

The Solution

The $20 million Pepsi had intended to spend on mass media advertising in 2010 was instead allotted to an online initiative that gave cash grants to
pro-social causes as voted on by the public.

The Results

Refresh was the largest, most successful pro-social movement in the U.S. and ranked by as one of the top five social media initiatives of all time. 75 million people voted for Pepsi Refresh ideas — more than voted for President Obama in 2012. The program impacted over 200 communities and the lives of over 200,000 people. Moreover, it was a significant step in launching what has been a long-term effort for PepsiCo to change the perception of the corporation, its products, and its values.

Skills Used

Big Ideas

Brand Strategy

Digital Development

Game Design

Visual Identity

Partner Engagement