Howard Kushlan

Howard Kushlan 

Howard Kushlan is an entrepreneur, specializing in branding, messaging, and storytelling.

Prior to launching Crux with co-founder Mary Forrest, Howard served as senior brand strategist for Protagonist, working on leading brands including Pepsi, Westfield, Acxiom, and Margaritaville. While there, Howard led campaign development and strategy initiatives for billion dollar brands looking to deepen consumer engagement. He also worked closely with private equity banks looking to extend reach and expand revenue for brands in their portfolios.

Before shifting his focus to consumer brands, Howard gained national recognition as one of the leading national Democratic political consultants. A veteran of strategic communications for state and federal campaigns in some of the nation’s most critical battleground regions, he has coordinated message development, media outreach, and research strategies for campaigns in New York, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Florida, among others. Formerly Vice President at Ambrosino, Muir, Hansen & Crounse, Howard has produced and created dozens of winning direct mail campaigns for political action committees, senators, governors and presidents, including President Barack Obama’s historic 2008 campaign and tough 2012 re-election.

In 2003, Howard founded AK&H Group, a political research consulting firm based in Florida. The firm worked on races ranging from a 2004 presidential campaign to the 2005 New York City Mayor’s race. His political career began in Trinidad and Tobago on a Prime Minister’s race, working for noted strategist James Carville.

Howard holds a degree in American Studies from Carleton College, where he served as Student Body President and later as a member of its Board of Trustees.