eBay Shop Victoriously

The Challenge

Showcase and support a rebranding campaign for eBay.

The Solution

An immersive, content-rich interacive microsite with video, games, 3-D animation, videos, and top comedians. Seasonal content refreshes. A branded media player that could be easily used and shared, making for seamless content integration and syndication.

The Results

Millions of new visitors to eBay. High conversion rate of “window shoppers” to eBay members. Even The Motley Fool deemed it a winner: “eBay lived up to its new ‘Shop Victoriously’ ad campaign by coming through with better-than-expected earnings. Revenues surged 30% higher to hit $1.89 billion.”

Skills Used

Brand Strategy

Original Creative Concepts

Information Architecture

Digital Design

Programming Development

3-D Animation

Flash Video & Flash Animation


Systems Integration

Partner Agency Management